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Date: Mon Sep 26 2005 - 17:55:51 CST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > From: "Wulfy" <>
    >> Since the accent key would follow the <compose>key, it would only be
    >> "dead" in the sense that it produced the combining character, all
    >> other times, it would produce what is on the key. Someone mentioned
    >> the case when typing a URL <> (or some
    >> such) and the dead "~" produced an e-tilde, rather than a "~e". This
    >> couldn't happen on my proposed map... to get e-tilde, you'd have to
    >> *want* to do it... <compose>e~.
    > Bad idea! Almost all time, users of a native keyboard for their
    > language DO WANT the combination to occur. It's then best to have
    > eventually a more omplex input for entering the characters when they
    > DO NOT WANT the combination.
    > That's why the combination of DEAD KEY + SPACE is mapped and used this
    > way.

    Hmmm.. I believe it was on a French keyboard that this happened as
    there was a comment that you could get e-tilde, but not or ....

    > But I can accept the fact that a keyboard driver could implement two
    > modes with either preferences. But the simplest then is to have two
    > keyboard maps and to switch between them (for example with the
    > language/keyboard bar in Windows where alternate keyboards can be
    > switched easily with the mouse or with a user-designated special key
    > combination like Ctrl+Alt+3, made distinct from AltrGr+3 when dual
    > keyboard maps are active).

    I must admit, I've not used a keyboard with deadkeys consistently enough
    to become as proficient in it as I am with my UK keyboard. But I have
    used changing keyboard maps to get characters that are not available on
    my map, with somewhat comical results (looking back, though at the time
    it was frustrating). If you have more than one keyboard map that can be
    active, you have to remember which *is* active at all times. I kept
    forgetting to switch back and so almost all my punctuation was remapped
    elsewhere on the keyboard. Not pretty when you don't touch type (thus
    look at the screen when you type).

    For me, on my keyboard, the system outlined would be a great boon.
    Perhaps for those used to dead keys and not the restrictions I face, it

    By the way. Do you switch to the Spanish keyboard map for your s and s?

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