Sórting issues (was: Languages supported by UTF8 and UTF16)

From: Marion Gunn (mgunn@egt.ie)
Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 05:44:33 CST

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    Cc:ing mark.davis@icu-project.org because delivery of msgs via
    <unicode@unicode.org> is sometimes sluggish.

    The impact of [unsuitable] sorting routines on database handling and
    recordkeeping in general needs no explanation.

    Following up on the attached msgs, it would be helpful to know whether
    Michael Everson and/or NSAI/ICTSCC/SC4 since filed a proposal in the
    form suggested by Mark Davis (below), and if so, to add my support to
    that proposal.

    If not, I renew my offer to make it a joint NSAI/ICTSCC/SC4 and
    NSAI/ISOTC46IG proposal.

    For NSAI members new to sorting issues, this is a relatively simple one
    to understand.

    Please just read on and see (if you do not clearly understand the issue,
    as outlined below, just reply with your query to NSAI's TC46 list and
    I'll answer it, and/or let Michael Everson to do so, should he so desire).


    On Unicode Mailing List <unicode@unicode.org>:
    Scríobh Marion Gunn 12 Sep 2005 12:05:08 +010:
    > I support Mr Everson's point, as quoted by Mark (below) on that
    > long-standing issue, which is one on which I thought NSAI's views had
    > been put to CLDR years ago, and which I recommend be done now, by joint
    > request from NSAI/ISOTC46IG (of which I am Convener) and
    > NSAI/ICTSCC/SC4 (of which he is).
    > mg
    > cc: NSAI/ISOTC46IG mailing list.
    > Scríobh Mark Davis:
    > > ...
    > > Michael Everson wrote
    > > >
    > > > For a start the default collation orders everson before Everson and god
    > > > before God, which is not preferable. The English alphabet is always
    > > > presented Aa Bb Cc not aA bB cC (watch the Simpsons to see) and so this
    > > > is A Bad Thing. When I click in English, I get the same thing, and this
    > > > is NOT what Oxford practice specifies. Then when I click on Ireland or
    > > > the UK it is still wrong.
    > > > I am not very happy with CLDR in this regard.
    > >
    > > File a bug. Ask to be on the agenda for a meeting. If you can argue
    > > persuasively that upper before lower is more customary in the UK and IE,
    > > then I'm sure the committee would make the (one-line) change....
    > > Mark Davis

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