Re: CLDR proposal: Holiday rules

From: Stephen Colebourne (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 07:36:26 CST

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    > > Indeed, so part of the aim of this is to define an
    > XML structure that
    > > companies can define their own rules into. This is
    > definitely not just
    > > locale specific data.
    > So, would this XML structure be advertised or
    > promoted for use by
    > national and local governments and various religious
    > authorities world wide ?
    > Will there be a proposal to create a system of
    > internet servers that provide the
    > correct "holiday" information, similar to the way
    > NIST's Internet Time Service
    > is designed to provide the correct time to my
    > computer? I think that such a
    > service would definitely be *the* way to go.

    Certainly I would expect users of our code to define
    their own company rules for holidays. However, I
    hadn't considered the scope of a true international
    server-based W3C proposal. I agree that it is perhaps
    a desirable conculsion of the proposal.

    > Is the project discussing doing something on
    > this scale?

    No! We are a small project! However, we know there is
    a big need for the task. Thats why we are enquiring
    here to see if CLDR can help.


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