Re: CLDR proposal: Holiday rules

From: Peter Ilieve (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 05:16:36 CST

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    On 20 Oct 2005, at 22:40, Stephen Colebourne wrote:

    > I lead the Joda-Time open-source project to provide a date and time
    > library for the Java programming language - http://joda-
    > A recent initiative has been to build upon our foundation datetime
    > classes to provided a much needed holiday library for Java. ...

    I can't say I've noticed the clamour for such a thing. :-)

    > We have so far developed a very *rough* first draft XML structure
    > for the data. I have attached the DTD and the data for the UK that
    > I have so far gathered to act as an example.

    I think you're on a hiding to nothing with this. You include example
    for Scotland. Are you aware that places in Scotland have their own local
    holidays? Years ago when I was living in England I went to Skye on
    and wondered why the shops in Portree were closed when I went to buy
    some supplies. I was amazed to discover it was a Portree local holiday.

    To get an idea of the scale of the problem have a look at the Scottish
    Courts website at <>. Use the map
    at the right to open a few windows for specific regions. Follow the
    opening times and local holidays links. Compare the lists of dates
    the court is closed. About the only common dates are Easter, Christmas
    and Hogmanay.

             Peter Ilieve

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