Results posted: Informal poll

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 03:43:51 CST

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    with a bit more of a delay than originally anticipated, I've written up
    the preliminary results of the informal poll and posted them at my site:

    The poll questions were open ended and many of you sent comments even
    for yes/no questions. As a result, it was a very informative poll, but
    one that is hard to summarize. As promised I've made the results
    available to the Unicode Editorial Committee to use in improving the
    standard - in fact, they were the first to get the preliminary results.

    Because of the style I chose to summarize and present the results, it's
    best to not think of these as anything more than a reasonably complete
    initial report of the results of an informal poll. But even as that, I
    think they've proven valuable already.

    Thanks to everybody who participated,


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