Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

From: suzanne mccarthy (suzmccarth@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 22:46:57 CST

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    I don't know to what extent the name of this range is set in French, but one should at least consider that Syllabics is a proper name and not really a word to be translated. Although 'syllabaire cri' is sometimes used in French, I would assume that it is a translation of 'Cree Syllabary' in English, not Syllabics.
    The term 'ecriture syllabique' is quite commonly used in French along with 'alphabet syllabique' and 'systeme syllabique' as a direct translation of 'Syllabics'.
    The page below in French and English is a good example of how the term 'ecriture syllabique' is used in French as a translation for both syllabic writing system and Syllabics. When the specific glyphs are called syllabics, then in French it is 'caracteres syllabiques'.
    I would suggest that 'ecriture syllabique' would be the closest translation.
    Suzanne McCarthy

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