Re: Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

From: François Yergeau (
Date: Sat Oct 29 2005 - 14:33:41 CST

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    suzanne mccarthy a écrit :
    > I would assume that the French author who wrote 'syllabaires' didn't
    > really understand the English semantics since Syllabics is the original
    > *name* for the system. It was not a shortened invention in recent years
    > but it is the Cree way of talking about their writing system in English
    > and is in sense a proper noun as is.

    I fail to see how that makes it a proper noun, any more than "runes" or
    "hieroglyphics". It's just an English name.

    > The link that I sent shows that the Cree in Quebec do not use the term
    > 'syllabaire' but 'caracteres syllabiques'.

    One link is not enough to show that something is not in use. In fact,
    the slightest amount of googling around will show that "syllabaire" *is*
    in use, including this page from the Nunavut
    government showing concurrent use of "écriture syllabique" and
    "syllabaire", as synonyms.

    > My only remaining concern is that there must always have been a
    > semi-official way to translate the term Syllabics into French and I am
    > sure that 'ecriture syllabique', or 'caracteres syllabiques' depending
    > on the context, is it, not 'syllabaire'.

    I'm curious of what distinction you make between "syllabaire" and
    "écriture syllabique".

    François Yergeau

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