Re: [Ltru] ISO 3166-2 and GA-UK

From: Erkki Kolehmainen (
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 05:25:04 CST

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    You are only adding to the confusion with your example. You call FI, NO,
    SE and RU "email/webtags", which role they also have, admittedly. Since,
    however, they are the actual ISO 3166 country codes, the speakers of the
    Sámi communities get no special treatment in this context.

    Sincerely, Erkki

    Marion Gunn wrote:

    > Scríobh r&d afrac:
    >>The confusion over "GB"/"UK" - for all this time, and still for a
    >>while - is the same as for langtags...
    > Exactly!
    > That is why the need that LTRU and IETF members support GA-UK.
    > Irish language communities have every right to be angry with langtag
    > controllers refusing us the same basic rights happily accorded to Saami
    > communities (who are similarly spread over various dot FI, dot NO, dot
    > RU and dot SE email/webtags).
    > This should be easy - all it requires is goodwill across ISO members
    > generally towards NSAI's and BSI's communities of Irish speakers.
    > Right now (November 2005) langtag controllers oppose this, offering as
    > their excuse that GA-UK would require ISO 3166-2 to be updtated, but, by
    > the same logic, (with ISO 3166-2 currently being updated right now),
    > they can support that right now, if they want to.
    > It is that simple. In the above, I would especially welcome Harald's support.
    > To recap (for non-Europeans), "UK of GB & NI" means exactly that and
    > nothing more is required than to facilitate (via ISO 3166-2) assigning
    > GA-UK to serve Irish speakers north of the border in my country,
    > matching GA-IE south of it.
    > I thank you for your attention in this matter.
    > mg

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