Re: Exemplar Characters (was: Re: three questions about alphabet files at Michael Everson site)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 09:53:59 CST

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    From: "Christopher Fynn" <>
    > Should the "exemplar characters" for a language include all the
    > base+combining character *combinations* frequent in that language
    > or - all the base characters and all the combining characters listed
    > separately?

    For English, the combinations listed are not frequent, so they are in the
    auxiliary set. But for all languages using diacritics frequently or that do
    require them for correct orthography, these combinations are in the examplar
    set (that's why, for example the French examplar characters set contains "é"
    which is defnitely not part of the auxiliary set, as it is required for
    correct and normal French orthography ; the German set will contain "ß" in
    the examplar set, but French will not even list it in the auxiliary set as
    it is converted to "ss".in the examplar set; for modern Greek, greek letters
    with tonos are part of the examplar set, but other diacritics used in
    classic Greek are in the auxiliary set).

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