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Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 12:18:40 CST

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    David Faulks wrote:
    >Currently, I'm looking at around 11 symbols: An
    >alternate Uranus symbol used (rarely) by astronomers,
    >3 alternate Pluto symbols used by astrologers, 4
    >symbols for the main belt asteroids Ceres, Pallas,
    >Juno, and Vesta, a symbol for the Centaur minor planet
    >Chiron, one for the virtual point Black Moon Lilith,
    >and a symbol for the Sesqiquadrate aspect. There are
    >many other symbols, but the ones above seem to be the
    >most basic.

    David, while I do not have a lot of time to put in to this, if you could
    provide me with samples of the characters you are referring to I would be
    happy to sift through my extensive personal collection of Astrology
    related books (probably more then you would find in most public
    libraries). Feel free to contact me at

    Angela Schuske
    DB2 Technical Support
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