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From: Chris Harvey (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 08:42:10 CST

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    > CLDR uses the correct orientation for apostrophes. It also contains
    > mapping information so that someone wanting to use or allow fallback
    > characters such as the ASCII apostrophe can do so. So {c’h} would be
    > used.

    A quick question on apostrophes

    In which cases would one use the U+2019 punctuation apostrophe vs the
    U+02BC modifier letter apostrophe? The description of U+02BC in the
    Unicode Standardd 4.0 indicates that it is for "glottal stop,
    glottalization, ejective".

    In that case, would the Mohawk word for “net”, á:’are [aːʔare] use U+02BC
    (in it’s glottal stop guise) even though the apostrophe isn’t modifying
    Same goes for the Tohono ’O’odham word for “each other”, ’a’i [ʔaʔi].

    Would this mean that the choice between U+2019 and U+02BC is decided by
    the phonetic realisation of the apostrophe?


    Chris Harvey

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