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Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 14:03:03 CST

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    > From: "Chris Harvey" <>
    >> I am aware of this. This is why I mentioned in the same email, “And if
    >> the
    >> argument in favour for use of U+2019 in Breton is based on convention,
    >> then all languages ought to be using U+2019 even for their glottal
    >> stops...”
    > No. Breton does not have glottal stop.... Breton does not use {’} alone
    > for a glottal stop.

    That’s not what I was talking about at all. It should not matter what the
    value of ’ in Breton or Mohawk is, nor did I ever say that Breton has a
    glottal stop.

    If I may, I’d like to rephrase my question.

    Language X has the following alphabet:

    a h i k n p r t u x y ’

    Point 1: It doesn’t matter what the phonetic realisations of these are to
    assign a Unicode codepoint. We know that Latin Script a is U+0061
    regardless of how it’s pronounced.

    Point 2: We have evidence from Breton that U+2019 is used as part of an
    alphabetic letter, instead of just punctuation.

    a is U+0061
    h is U+0068
    ’ is what?

    We could choose U+2019 or we could choose U+02BC. Which one is best?

    I hope this question makes sense.

    Chris Harvey

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