RE: Hebrew script in IDN (was Exemplar Characters)

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Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 08:08:03 CST

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    > > Well, that rules out about half the words in Burmese! I
    > suppose there's
    > > the work around of replacing the virama - U+1039 U+200C
    > ('VIRAMA' ZWNJ) -
    > > by U+1039 U+005F ( 'VIRAMA' LOW LINE) - extremely
    > unnatural for a
    > > language that doesn't have spaces between words.
    > Is the space separation really a problem for IDN usage, where
    > it is arguable
    > that explicit word separation is effectively needed at least to avoid
    > colision of name spaces?
    > After all, the normal space is also forbidden in Latin domain
    > names, so we
    > use an hyphen: this hyphen does not have the traditional
    > semantics found in
    > normal language (where it is used for compound words), but it
    > is a syntaxic
    > feature that decomposes labels into lists of non-compound
    > word tokens to be
    > used in domain names.
    > What I mean there: does Burmese need ZWNJ in the *middle* of
    > a word or only
    > between words to avoid collisions with the next word? If this
    > occurs in the
    > middle of a word, does it create a sort of compound word
    > which would be
    > interpreted differently if they word was broken into two
    > tokens separated by
    > a space? If this does not change the semantic, then even that
    > ZWNJ can be
    > excluded from IDN: you can use the syntaxic ASCII hyphen to
    > separate the two
    > tokens, instead of using ZWNJ.

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