Re: ISO 15924: zh-Hani for general Chinese (was: Different Arabic scripts?)

From: Tom Emerson (
Date: Sat Nov 26 2005 - 12:52:08 CST

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    Philippe Verdy writes:
    > It is not written, it is however a Chinese standard, and the most likely to
    > occur. It does not change my argument however, whichever romanization system
    > is used, it is still a distinction from the Han (any script) writing system,
    > and "Latn" indicates such romanization.

    I agree with your core argument, but still disagree that any
    particular romanization system can or should be inferred from the
    language/script indication.

    > In fact the same remark applies to the romanization of Russian: several
    > standards, including one ISO standard. They would still be indicated by
    > "ru-Latn" instead of "ru" or "ru-Cyrl" for the normal cyrillic system.

    And it applies to the romanization of Japanese, Arabic, Persian,
    Pashto, Kurdish, or pretty much any other non-Latin script writing
    system that can be transliterated into Latin.


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