Re: Character delta between Unicode 4.1 and 5.0

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 08:13:42 CST

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    On 30/11/05, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
    > This is Amd2 document published by WG2 that I used. If this is wrong or
    > useless, then the WG2 website is wrong or useless too.

    It is not the WG2 website that is wrong or useless.

    N2936 that you used is the document showing the FPDAM2 charts,
    published eight months ago on 2005-04-01. Since then Amendment 2 has
    moved on to the FDAM stage, and a number of changes have been made (as
    outlined by Asmus). A new document, N2991 was issued 2005-09-14 that
    shows the FDAM2 charts. This document was mentioned several times in
    recent discussion on this list, and it is right near the top of the
    list of documents on the WG2 home page
    <>. Only a complete moron (or
    Philippe Verdy ... heaven forbid that I should insult the intelligence
    of the average moron) would use an outdated document when the current
    one is there for all to see.

    > When I sent the file, the beta directory of Unicode 5.0 was still completely
    > empty (and I verified this fact). Is there something now ?

    Yes, Ken Whistler invented a time machine, travelled back in time to
    2005-10-25 and planted all the documents which are there today:


    As has been said time and time again, please Philippe, if you don't
    know what you're talking about, just keep your mouth firmly shut.


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