Re: Representing Unix filenames in Unicode

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 19:23:03 CST

Antoine Leca wrote:
> Chris Jacobs wrote:
>> Antoine Leca wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 07:03Z, Chris Jacobs wrote:
>>>> What happens when two files have different, but canonical
>>>> equivalent, file names?
>>> The operating system sees two different files (without any
>>> relationship one with the other), and you (the user, the "human")
>>> see two files with apparently the same handle to grasp them (the
>>> same name).
>> I tend to side with the operating system here, and blame the
>> interface.
> I do not get you.
> If I am standing as an user here, everything is "the system."
> If I am standing as the operating system, I do not see any problem
> (just two files), as I said.
> What is "the interface"?

The part which translates the filenames between the bytestrings and whatever
the user uses.

If the translation scheme is such that there are two byte strings
corresponding to "résumé.doc", then I blame the translation scheme and thus
the interface that scheme is part of.

I don't blame the operating system for allowing the two byte strings.


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