Re: CLDR: 2 vs. 4 digit years in US?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 21:14:11 CST

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    From: "Eric Muller" <>
    >> Why is that choice between 2-digits and 4-digits years specific to the
    >> English US locale?
    > May be because England, Canada, the US are different cultures?

    There's no difference of culture between 2-digit and 4-digit years.
    Culturally, years are 4-digits as well in England, Canada and US. And all of
    them also make frequent use of "abbreviated" years in common speach (se we
    speak about the sixties for example, forgetting to spell the century

    You are mixing this with a more real problem related to the day/month or
    month/day order.

    >> Idon't see the rationale, given that the same decision would be true for
    >> all English locales, and all European locales as well, or alllocales that
    >> use the Gregorian calendar (in fact all countries given that this
    >> calendar is a international standard, used worldwide).
    > You are probably aware that there are a few locales that use the "same"
    > language but spell it slightly differently; may be using the same calendar
    > does not imply that dates are "spelled" the same way?

    Spelling has no impact on the choice between 2-digits and 4-digits years.
    You're mixing thiswith the distinct issue of day/month or month/day order
    (which is however not ambiguous in the common speach, where months are
    named, and days are commonly spelled as ordinals with a suffix in English,
    but not in French except for the 1st day of month)

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