Re: UnicodeData.txt problem

From: Tom Emerson (
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 14:52:41 CST

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    Mike Ayers writes:
    > For you, perhaps, assuming that you are correct in your implicit belief
    > that you do not constantly rely on one of these breakable parsers. Me,
    > I'd rather not risk finding out.

    % grep -v '#' UnicodeData.txt > UnicodeData-nocomment.txt

    That's tough.

    > If, by "rediculous", you mean "common engineering practice", then yes,
    > it's quite rediculous. Best to normalize line endings, then use file
    > size + CRC to compare - the odds of this failing are sub-negligible,
    > whereas file timestamps are notoriously unreliable.

    Why should anyone have to go through this exercise? Jeesh.

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