Re: Globalized lists

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Dec 14 2005 - 11:44:14 CST

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    The thing that we don't want to lose sight of is that the original topic
    was generating lists *mechanically*. This may involve some compromises.

    A complex language might take a list (a, b, c) and format it with
    connecting punctuation characters or words that vary depending on the
    grammatically categories of whatever variables a, b, and c represent. In
    such a case, one cannot represent those conventions faithfully with
    mechanical list generation, without extremely complicated processing.
    The question then is what the best *practical* fallback convention is to
    use with such a language for mechanical list generation.

    The interesting cases would be modern-language instances where for the
    mechanisms I described (2005.12.13 11:28) either:

    - the language is not complex (in the above sense) and the mechanisms
    need enhancement for generation of lists.
    - the language is complex, and the mechanisms need enhancement for the
    best fallback generation of lists.


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