Re: Java 5 Strings

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Mon Jan 02 2006 - 18:59:10 CST

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    Java Strings could always *store* all Unicode characters, BMP and
    supplementary. Java 5 adds APIs to handle supplementary characters
    explicitly, and implementation code (in regular expressions, for
    example) to handle them rather than ignore them.

    Some Java (JRE) implementation code (for example text layout, some
    converters) could handle supplementary characters already in earlier
    Java versions.

    ICU4J also provides full support for supplementary characters,
    regardless of the JRE. Current versions of ICU4J work on Java 1.4 and


    On 1/2/06, Mike Ayers <> wrote:
    > My apologies for this question, but my searching abilities seem quite
    > stunted today. I am under the impression that as of Java 5, Strings
    > will be able to contain super-BMP characters. Am I remembering correctly?

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