Re: IJ joint in spaced lettering

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 18:38:25 CST

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    Asmus noted:

    > (For example, I assume,
    > but have not verified, that i+j and ij in fact sort the same in the DUCET).

    0049 ; [.103C.0020.0008.0049] # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
    004A ; [.1054.0020.0008.004A] # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
    0069 ; [.103C.0020.0002.0069] # LATIN SMALL LETTER I
    006A ; [.1054.0020.0002.006A] # LATIN SMALL LETTER J
    0132 ; [.103C.0020.000A.0132][.1054.0020.000A.0132] # LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE IJ; QQKN
    0133 ; [.103C.0020.0004.0133][.1054.0020.0004.0133] # LATIN SMALL LIGATURE IJ; QQKN

    <0069, 006A> --> 103C.1054.0020.0020.0002.0002
    <0133> --> 103C.1054.0020.0020.0004.0004
    <0049, 004A> --> 103C.1054.0020.0020.0008.0008
    <0132> --> 103C.1054.0020.0020.000A.000A
                     ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
                     primary secondary tertiary

    The difference is at the tertiary level (and defined in such a way that
    the "ligatures" will in fact interleave with lowercase and uppercase sequences
    of the same letters). The differences between IJ and I+J will be swamped by
    all primary letter differences in a string, as well as by all accentual

    This by default... one could, of course, tailor Dutch to make the IJ ligature
    compatibility characters sort *exactly* like the sequence of I+J.


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