Re: Upper case U+0364 for U+0308

From: David Starner (
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 18:31:10 CST

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    On 1/10/06, Kent Karlsson <> wrote:
    > I think it is the AUTHOR of the text that should decide on all spelling
    > issues.
    > That includes diaeresis vs. e above, U vs. V and many many other cases
    > (including
    > numerous spelling reforms for numerous languages).

    The _author_ of the text has never had the last say on spellings.
    Their editors and typesetters controlled that, and later editors and
    typesetters have changed it willy-nilly.

    It's also not clearly true that diaeresis above versus e above is a
    spelling change. If I design a fancy script font that turns the
    diaeresis into a wavy line, that doesn't mean that it should be
    encoded as a tilde. If the users accept e above as a glyph variant of
    diaeresis, then it is. If the text is correct when viewed as modern
    German with a script variant but not as historical German with an e
    above, it's obvious it was intended as a glyph variant.

    Likewise, I see no reason to stress out over which level
    orthographical changes is made at. If the users of the text want to
    use an e above instead of diaeresis, then I don't see why we should
    stress out. It's easy, and if it's just decrotive, it doesn't cause
    any problems. Likewise, printing a ordinary text with the long-s or
    old-style u/v should be possible with OpenType, and as long as it's
    just that, there should be no real problem. In fact, using such a font
    in a PDF file (if possible?) could make searching and copying for
    ordinary use feasible while displaying an idealized form of the
    original text.

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