Re: Definitive list of Unicode digits

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 15:27:08 CST

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    Why not looking at the Unicode database for the file of derived properties?

    You'll get most of them, however you should know that some languages still use (or have used) letters of their common writing script to write numbers, sometimes with supplementary symbols to denote that this is a number and not a word, and with semantic variants related to measure units.

    Also beware with what you may call a "digit" (not all number notations are strictly positional, and not all are ten-based, not all digits are integers, there are fractions too). Finally, the value of digits may vary across history or space within the same language group or depending on usage.

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    From: Kit Peters
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    Subject: Definitive list of Unicode digits

    Can someone provide me a definitive list of all Unicode digits?

    I'm interested in testing the completeness of Java 5.0's number parsing capability. Alternatively, if there are already published results of such a test, could someone point me to them?


    Kit Peters

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