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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 10:33:32 CST

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    From: "Grosso, Gary" <>
    > While I am not sure what the implications should be for the Unicode
    > standard, I have to concur with Jukka that, typographically, where there
    > are four dots used, they are always evenly spaced.

    Why not, then, using four occurences of the ONE DOT LEADER?
    (The two-dot and three-dot ellipsises are also correctly shown using it, and they should remain grouped together even with full justification).

    Full justification which causes expansion of their spacing should not occur for the last rowterminating a paragraph (where it is also not ambiguous that the ellipsis also terminates the sentence, without requiring an additional full stop)

    I don't really understand the arcanes of obscure american notations that justify making a distinction between 3-dot and 4-dot ellipsises: don't they both replace arbitrarily long phrases left unspecified but possibly infered from the context?

    Even at end of a sentence, I've always seen and used 3-dot ellipsis... without need to add another full stop. The initial capital of the next sentence, or the grammatical or semantic structure, or the occurence of a paragraph break is always enough...

    With all those considerations, the need to use four dot leaders, or four full stops, or one full stop and a 3-dot ellipsis or the reverse remains a private convention of the author with extremely limited impact, with little or no space left for normalization. All this discussion will go absolutely nowhere.

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