RE: Antwort: Heiroglyphics in Unicode?

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 09:58:11 CDT

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    > Dieter should be looking forward to purchasing Unicode 5.0
    > later this year!
    But 5.0 will not contain the egyptian hieroglyphs - not even all
    the "green" blocks from the roadmap, and the hieroglyphs are
    merely "blue". The Roadmap is not realy appropriate to guess when
    a script will be added to the unicode. This is sad and somehow
    contrary to what one might expect from a roadmap.

    Also very sad is, that the proposals which lead to the addition
    of new characters are not public available once the characters
    are added. Why is this so?
    I would very much appreciate a "map" like the roadmap with
    links to those proposals instead of the code-charts.
    (And the maps would become much more readable if similar lines were
    ommited and the first column changed to something like "34..4C".)

    Best regards,

    Leider muss ich aber arbeiten :-(

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