Unicode, colours and (hiero)glyphs

From: Dieter.Glade@db-telematik.de
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 01:28:22 CST

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    Dear all!

    UNICODE might get a problem with colored/colorized glyphs (as may be the
    case with egyptian hieroglyphs), WHERE THE - DIFFERENT - COLOURS USED BY
    EGYPTIAN SCRIBES (not just black&white) might bear different meanings (or
    some difference in whatsoever maybe also pronounciation): the formal
    structure of the glyph is the same although their colourization varies.

    Does someone know something about this (problem)? Does colour in script
    eventually convey difference in meaning (or pronounciation, or feeling,
    or ...)


    Dieter Glade, Germany

    P.S.: If not, one could introduce this (just like it is with pictures, or
    todays - coloured - newpapers, headlines etc.) i.e. that coloured word
    convey different meaning etc. than words written in black& white.

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