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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 03:41:43 CST

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    Rick McGowan schrieb:
    > I use Finale a
    > lot myself (Maestro font), and I could think of several instant benefits
    > if Finale had a Unicode *text* model, even assuming they didn't have the
    > guts of the *music* processing in Unicode. For starters, I'd be able to
    > insert lyrics in other languages such as Japanese & Russian, rather than
    > English and (with difficulty) a few western European languages, and I'd be
    > able to more easily insert various music *symbols* into text blobs in
    > scores. And I would be also able to import and export text and lyrics from
    > other Unicode-capable applications.

    Same with me. I use Capella for folk-songs in all European languages.
    That program allows to choose among nine legacy 8-bit codes, for
    every single line of lyrics or for every text blob. Now, when I
    write a song in mixed language (e. g. “Povi mi, rožica, wer hot denn
    dos gemocht”, in Kroatian and a German dialect), or when I set a
    Cyrillic, or Greek, line with Latin transliteration, I first will
    have to set an invisible musical part to be able attach a line in
    an alternate legacy code to it: very, very clumsy, and error-prone!
    Even worse is that in the input mask, the bytes are displayed
    according to CP 1252 (Windows Latin-1), only in the mosic score,
    they appear correctly according to the code chosen. (Still, I manage
    to produce lovely, readable scores, with this program.)

    Last summer, I have written to the Capella developer, and he has
    answered thusly (excerpt):
    > Wie Sie richtig feststellen, hängen praktisch alle von Ihnen
    > geschilderten Probleme mit der Tatsache zusammen, dass capella
    > derzeit noch nicht Unicode unterstützt. In einer zukünftigen
    > Version von capella planen wir den Umstieg auf Unicode.
    which translatetes to:
       As you aptly have stated, virtually all of the problems you
       have described stem from the fact that Capella currently does
       not support Unicode. We are planning the change-over to Unicode
       for a forthcoming version.

    He gave, however, no time estimate.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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