Re: Unidentified North Borneo script?

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 02:23:21 CST

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    Richard Wordingham hastily wrote:

    >> Unidentified script at the right vertical scroll of this postage stamp
    >> issued by British North Borneo (an entity which existed in 1881-1963):
    >> < >. What is it?
    > Are you sure there is writing? I see no sign of writing in the very
    > similar 24c stamp at
    > .

    In the similar endorsed one dollar stamps, the value, so I deduce, is
    recorded in Arabic on the viewer's left and in Chinese on the viewer's
    right. (Source: ) These
    may be what you have taken to be scrolls. (I suppose it could actually be
    Malay in Arabic script rather than Arabic)


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