Re: Fw: Unidentified North Borneo script?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 20:23:48 CST

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    > The image at has a
    > couple interesting inscriptions on the left and the right. I don't know
    > if the stuff on the right in the box is a script or not and I don't
    > recognize the language of the box on the left.

    Same thing as all the others. Jawi (Malay in Arabic) rotated 90 degrees
    clockwise in the left box. Chinese (ba1fen1 "8 cents") in funky seal forms
    in the box on the right. These are the exact same characters as
    in another one of the North Borneo 8 cent stamps listed at the URL Richard posted earlier in this thread.


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