Re: exponential/scientific notation in non-Western character

From: Mount, Rob (Robert F) (
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 11:07:14 CST

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    Mike Ayers wrote:
    > "2^3" isn't even a "western thing" (perhaps "western thang"), so much
    > as a workaround for having only ASCII to rely on. I believe this
    > usage first appeared in programming languages, and folk just borrowed the
    > notation rather than compose the needed ASCII art: [...]

    My understanding is that "^" is a workaround for the lack of a more suitable
    ASCII character to represent Donald Knuth's up-arrow notation. For more
    information see .
    And for other alternate notations (including Steinhaus-Moser polygon
    notation which was discussed on this list several weeks ago) see .


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