Re: Need help in interpreting symbol 225e (measured by)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 22:29:55 CST

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    Subject: Re: Need help in interpreting symbol 225e (measured by)

    > On 2006.03.09, 04:51, Gusztáv Jánvári <> wrote:
    >> I’m in localizing Unicode symbol names to Hungarian, and I have to
    >> translate the symbol name “measured by”:
    > A bit off (this) topic: Why isn't U+225E decomposable as U+003D U+036B ?

    Although it could look identical, I don't think that the m diacritic hasthe correct semantic. For me it's more like a normal "m" put above the equal sign. But Unicode does not allow such vertical layout for non-combining characters (except for the limited support of ruby notations *only below* normal text, encoded as with interlinear format controls, but mostly deprecated with XML-based notations like the HTML Ruby support for Asian texts, which also allows ruby notations *below and above* the main baseline)

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