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Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 18:49:35 CST

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    Also note that the comments in the Unicode Charts for the Georgian Block are quite confusive.
    It indicates the following for characters in the range 10A0-10C5:

            Title of the sub-block: Capital Letters (Khutsuri)
            This is the uppercase of the old ecclesiastic alphabet.
            The style shown in the code charts is known as
            Asomtavruli. See the Georgian Supplement block for
            lowercase Niskhuri.

    This comment alone means that Unicode and ISO 10646 have unified the classic unicameral Asomtavruli alphabet (i.e.the one reformed in 284 B.C. by King Parnavaz the First, and used *alone* up to the 9th century A.D.) with the capital letters of the bicameral ecclesiastic Khutsuri script system (however it does not indicate clearly that Unicode unifies it with the original monumental Asomtavruli alphabet one used between 412 B.C. and 284 B.C.).

    So the title ofthe sub-block should be more accurately, without indication that this designates capital letters, (something that was wrong before the temporary ecclesiastic use during 9th and 10th century), and without presenting it as Khutsuri (because its usage covers the whole history of the Georgian alphabet, including today with the tentative reform of the modern Georgian script to make it bicameral):


    And the comment should read better like this:

            This is the classic unicameral script created and
            used since 264 B.C. The style shown in the code
            charts is known as Asomtavruli. This alphabet was
            also used during 9th and10th centuries as the capital
            letters of the old ecclesiastic Kuthsuri script. See the
            Georgian Supplement block for lowercase Niskhuri
            letters of the old ecclesiastic Kuthsuri script.

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