Re: Representative glyphs for combining kannada signs

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 05:06:08 CST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > Just try to view this French Wikipedia page

    By the way, this page is far too large to my taste (>340 KB).

    Here, this page does not display correctly... because I am using a
    lightweight browser (Opera), which is not supposed to perform correctly in
    the most complex situations.

    When I switch to another browser, namely plain old IE6sp1 (on W2000sp4 with
    a somewhat updated Uniscribe and the relevant fonts), it displays perfectly
    Similarly, almost perfectly (only lacking the codepoints added in TUS4, as
    expected) displayed on a freshly installed 2003 server sp1.

    In fact, I do not have one to test here easily, but I expect a regular
    (unpatched) client using Windows XP to performs OK as well (perhaps
    providing the Gurmukhi etc. fonts have been installed if it is not the

    > Look at the places where a bold "Note :"
    > indicates various rendering bugs found most often in Internet
    > Explorer or in Firefox.

    Such nominal statements would not be proper of the NPOV of the wikipedia, in
    my humble opinion.

    > You'll see that "some" browsers still do not correctly handle the
    > needed reordering of vowels before display

    Yes, that is not brand new discovery, is it?

    > and this includes Internet Explorer (IE6

    Well, not in my experience, and in fact I am surprised it remains true for
    the majority of today's browsers...

    OTOH, you certainly will have a lot of problems to have it good on IE5
    runnning on Windows 98. Hardly surprising as well.

    > or even in latest beta of IE7 on Windows XP with the
    > latest patches installed, and with Office 2003 installed with
    > additional fonts and most up-to-date Uniscribe engine).

    "Most up-to-date" (available to the general public) would be Vista's March
    CTP, correct?
    Since it is a beta, perhaps you can consider a bug report, then.

    > Such page alone can be a good and fast test page to see the
    > effective and correct support of Unicode in browsers, and
    > what to look for if there are rendering errors.

    If you enter in the French Wikipedia by usual means, you shall be redirected
    to and thenédia:Unicode/Test (and its direct
    descendants), which IMHO are much better suited to serve as /test/ pages for
    rendering systems.

    One could consider enhancing this part to handle the case of the
    left-standing I matra (and also the two glyphs O/AU matras).

    > The mandatory placement of all matras placed before the consonnant is
    > signaled as a serious bug,

    Please reformulate.
    As it stands, you are writing that Indian scripts (as encoded in Unicode)
    are buggy in nature, because they do not follow the visual order.
    It is not considered to be true ("serious bug" is inacurate, since the other
    solutions are not really prettier, at least in the general case), much less
    here of course; and I wonder where in Wikipedia such a claim is done (as I
    would seek to correct it quickly, in the interest of the NPOV).


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