Re: Representative glyphs for combining kannada signs

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 04:32:13 CST

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    On 20/03/06, Peter Constable <> wrote:
    > Ah, interesting! You've spotted an issue in Charmap. It knows what characters are supported in AUMS, but the glyphs are being displayed from another font. That repros on my machine, but AUMS very definitely has glyphs for all the Oriya characters and has them mapped in the cmap from the appropriate codepoints. -- this I have confirmed.

    This is a known feature of Uniscribe (not Charmap). With recent
    versions of Uniscribe, if you try to render certain complex scripts
    (Indic, Tibetan, Mongolian, etc.) with a font that does not have OT
    tables for the selected script, then only the digits will display, and
    everything else will be rendered as boxes. There was a discussion on
    this issue by myself, James Kass and Paul Nelson on the VOLT mailing
    list a couple of years ago, but as I can't find a way of searching the
    list archives, I can't provide a link.


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