Re: DIY OpenType Re-ordering (was: Representative glyphs for combining kannada signs)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 04:35:28 CST

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    Peter Constable wrote:
    > Font implementers should
    > follow the OpenType font recommendations -- these should be
    > treated like a standardized API:

    That is a problem, by the way. It means that Microsoft has full control on
    how font development for Indic scripts using Unicode encoding should be

    And when.

    > The recommendations for Indic OpenType font implementations is
    > in process of being updated to reflect the changes.

    Yes. For *four years* now.
    Officially acknowledged for almost two years, with the general public
    invited to watch two mailing lists for the (immiment?) announcement of the
    release, and in the meanwhile to discard any idea to seriously develop fonts
    ("The current specifications remain available for informational purposes

    Is the Unicode Technical Committee aware of this state of affairs?
    I know they cannot answer publicly. Grmble.

    Why the heads of MS did decide to delay LH _that_ much? Grmble.
    Ah yes. CodeRed, security. Monopoly, so no sales lost. Whatever.
    I am waiting.


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