RE: How to encode abbreviations

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2006 - 15:59:00 CST

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    Keutgen, Walter wrote:

    > If complaining that U+1D50 and 1D49 do not display, where is
    > the 'l' for 'M<super>lle' and the 's' for the plurals?

    02E1;MODIFIER LETTER SMALL L;Lm;0;L;<super> 006C;;;;N;;;;;
    02E2;MODIFIER LETTER SMALL S;Lm;0;L;<super> 0073;;;;N;;;;;

    and yes, there is also

    02B3;MODIFIER LETTER SMALL R;Lm;0;L;<super> 0072;;;;N;;;;;

    > One could add the whole alphabet(s) as superscripts to be

    That does not seem to be needed.

    But no, there is no commandment saying "thou shalt not use
    characters for anything other than what they were originally
    encoded for".

                    /kent k

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