RE: UTF-7 - I'm not really smarter

From: Dean Harding (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2006 - 16:29:37 CST

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    > > UTF-7 is an obsolete means of encoding unicode characters.
    > It's not without its uses. It's the only way I know of posting arbitrary
    > text in Yahoo groups from the web pages (though e-mailing posts also
    > works).
    > Unfortunately, viewers have to manually tell their browser the post is
    > encoded in UTF-7, and IE 6.0 does not support UTF-7.

    It's also (unfortunately) quite popular with a lot of email servers. I don't
    really know why, because UTF-8 + quoted-printable would have been just
    almost as efficient, and you wouldn't need some custom encoder/decoder
    that's almost-but-not-quite Base64 encoding...

    But I certainly agree that I would steer well clear of any new application
    that tries to implement it. In fact, even if you're writing some sort of
    MTA, I'd just stick with implementing a decoder (so you can decode other's
    UTF-7 emails) and stick with UTF-8 + quoted-printable (or something else)
    for all outgoing emails.


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