RE: Malayalam vowel sign AU (was Re: Representative glyphs for combining kannada sign)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 03:52:31 CST

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    James Kass wrote:

    > What has been clear all along is that both traditional and reformed
    > Malayalam are supposed to use the same encoding.

    They both use the code points in the Malayalam block, yes of course.

    > Text display differs only if the font gets switched.

    This has nothing to do with font switching at all. Not even remotely.
    Font switching must NEVER change apparent spelling.

    > What has been clear all along is that
    > U+0D57 should never be included in running text,

    I don't know where that idea comes from. But of course 0D57
    can and should be used in running text. If not immediately
    preceded by 0D46 it is the modern spelling of the AU vowel.
    (If immediately preceded by 0D46 the pair constitutes the
    traditional spelling of the AU vowel.)

    > and that U+0D4C
    > should be used in running text regardless of whether the text is
    > traditional or reformed.

    That is ONLY for the "traditional" spelling of the AU vowel, as it
    is ALWAYS (of course, even there hadn't been a canonical decomposition)
    displayed as a split vowel, one part to the left and one part to the right
    of the consonant (cluster).
    > U+0D15 plus U+0D4C

    Traditional spelling of the AU vowel; two-split vowel mark (always).

    > versus
    > U+0D15 plus U+0D57

    Modern spelling of the AU vowel; right part only.

    > The first displays KA plus the right side of the chart glyph
    > at U+0D4C.

    PLUS the left side of course; A bug otherwise.

    > The second displays KA plus the dotted circle plus

    No dotted circles play any role at all here (ever; that is a bug in
    one display system).

    > the right side of the chart glyph at U+0D4C.

    Yes, but there must be no dotted circle.

    > (On Windows XP SP2
    > using Thoolika Traditional Unicode font, an OpenType font
    > supporting Malayalam.)

    A bug... (I don't care if it is intentional...)

    > Apparently the good folks at Microsoft who design the shaping
    > engine saw things with the same clarity. Because the dotted circle
    > *always* appears before U+0D57, whether it is isolated or in running
    > Malayalam text. (On Windows platform, the dotted circle appearing
    > in Indic text indicates a spelling error.)

    Dotted circles should never be inserted by the shaping engine. Spelling
    errors should be indicated in other ways.

    > Has the standard been changed for Malayalam encoding with
    > respect to U+0D4C and U+0D57 ?


    Is that crystal clear enough?

                    /kent k

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