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Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 03:32:02 CST

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    Googling KA + AU(vs) gives two pages of hits, mostly purporting
    to be Unicode Malayalam text. Searching KA + AU(lm) gives only
    eight hits, none of which are Malayalam text.

    Quoting from:

    > ഔ should not have the െ symbol in the left (eg: കൌ). 'AU length-marker' is just
    > for creating that symbol alone in all kinds of fonts. Or think it this way - if there
    > a AnjaliNewLipi how would you avoid െ symbol in the left.

    And the response was,
    > Its the responsibility of the unisribe to put the AU marker. font is not doing
    > anything to put symbols on both sides, itd automatically done by uniscribe.
    > let me see if i can check that behaviour of uniscribe.

    Quoting from
    (section titled Unicode: Redefining AU length marker U+0D57)

    > Current meaning of the two AU signs are described below:
    > • Two part symbol of AU is not used now-a-days.
    > • Could be represented by two part symbol in fonts supporting old orthography
    > • Could be represented by right part alone in fonts supporting new orthography
    > • Should not be used as MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN AU.
    > • Represents the right half of 0D4C irrespective of the orthography supported
    > by the font.
    > • Only required when the right part alone need to be specifically mentioned. eg: in
    > a grammar book.
    > • Common day-to-day texts need not use this symbol at all.
    > This assignment of meaning to these symbol causes lots of confusion.
    > Also, it can potentially violate Uniqueness Rule when people interchangably
    > use 0D4C and 0D57 to denote AU symbol in new orthography.

    The user community, far as I can tell, shuns the notion that U+0D4C and
    U+0D57 are equivalent.

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    James Kass

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