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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 08:28:18 CST

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    At 11:18 -0800 2006-04-01, Doug Ewell wrote:

    >>Perhaps most importantly, should I be worried that you posted this
    >>on April 1? :-)
    >I thought he was joking last year when he proposed INVERTED
    >INTERROBANG, in a proposal form with "2005-04-01" sprinkled all over
    >the place -- in bold even -- but it's been approved by UTC.

    John Jenkins and I are serious, though we chose to present an
    enjoyable proposal on an enjoyable day.

    I believe that the proposal is sound.

    * The set of characters is stable.

    * There's been two PUA implementations and at least two non-UCS font
    implemenations (one commercial!) available for a number of years.

    * There is a growing body of literature about this script, on its own
    and in comparison with other scripts, and this shows no signs of

    * it is required for scholarly as well as non-scholarly use

    * using in-line images (as in the Wikipedia article) is inconvenient
    and unsearchable

    * using the PUA is not a good solution as the characters aren't
    standardized and Google for instance ignores PUA characters

    * there is plenty of space available in the SMP

    * encoding is required so that users can process Phasistos characters
    in a uniform and consistent manner (e.g. for web searches)

    * the Phaistos Disc characters are used at least as much as most of
    the 40,000+ CJK-B characters

    Michael Everson *

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