Re: CLDR: Bad exemplar chars for some locales

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 20:46:48 CST

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    I would note for the record that there are a few character issues with some of
    the African language locales (from a quick view):

    * Hausa of Niger (ha_NE) uses the hooked y (01B3/01B4), not 'y for the
    y (this is something that I think slipped through in a hasty process of
    consultation and revisions before the recent deadline)
    * Wolof (wo) has no characters indicated for either Romanized (Latin) or Ajami
    (Arabic) transcriptions
    * Ga (gaa) I think uses some extended Latin characters, but I'll double check
    with the sources

    There is a list - is partipation in it limited to the
    I do understand that there is a process for reporting "bugs" via


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    Quoting Peter Edberg <>:

    > We are planning to use CLDR exemplar character set data for various
    > purposes, and so I have been looking into some current exemplar sets
    > (as indicated by the survey tool at
    > ). The exemplar sets are "supposed to represent the set of characters
    > needed to write the form of the language that is currently in use"
    > (per Deborah Goldsmith). By this criterion, several of them include
    > characters that seem to me to be inappropriate. I wanted to get some
    > feedback on these, and then try to get them changed ASAP (via bugs
    > etc.). In all cases below I am referring to the standard exemplar
    > set, not the auxiliary characters.

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