RE: Decomposed vs Composed accented characters

From: Tay, William (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 14:26:49 CST

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    Thanks everyone, for your response.

    Please help clarify my understanding on the concept of normalization form.

    Is it true that every character represented as binary data is said to be in a normalization form (NFC, NFKC, NFD, or NFKD)?

    If so, please indicate if each of the following statement is true or false.
    1. The character represented as C3 A9 in UTF-8 is in NFC form.
    2. The same character represented as 65 CC 81 (e + acute accent) in UTF-8 is in NFD form.
    3. Normalization is a process that transforms a character representation from one normalization form to another.



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