Re: "markers" codepoints for some combining letter sets in Dravidian scripts

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 19:12:33 CST

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    On 4/11/06, N. Ganesan <> wrote:
    > (3) Malayalam cillu marker
    > -----------------------------------------
    > The Indic list has gone through several inputs
    > on this problem for implementation.
    > did some reserach, and I do not recall a glyph for cillu m,
    > that is in line with cillu n, cillu nn, etc.,
    > Will give this shape from published evidence
    > tomorrow. Does UTC have the cillu m glyph?
    > In Unicode, cillu letters of Malayalam
    > can be called as "Malayalam prepausal consonant marker"
    > or "Malayalam cillu marker".
    > This combining sign, with properties like
    > anusvara, will have a dotted circle.
    > Cillus can come at the end of words
    > and word-medially. ka, na, nna, la, lla, llla, r, t and m

    Typo correction. Pl. read above line as:

    "and word-medially. ka, na, nna, la, lla, llla, ra, ta and ma".

    Naga Ganesan

    > Please note that one Unicode cillu marker
    > will provide cillus for all these 9 consonants
    > (otherwise, 9 separate code-points! which
    > will remove them from their root genetic
    > consonants unaccepatble linguistically,)
    > And, cillu marker will do away with any special
    > rules for ZWJ/ZWNJ just for Malayalam
    > among Indian scripts also.
    > In usual transliteration, cillu_consonant = consonant (roman) followed by :
    > So, eg., cillu_nna (in Malayalam) = n:na in roman, otherwise nna only.
    > In the Rachana document on cillu letters, cillu_nma set
    > in pg. 2 of L2/05-210, can be transliterated as "n:ma"
    > with : representing the cillu-marker codepoint.
    > In word-final position, cillu_r = Malayalam letter RR.

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