Bengali danda signs (and other samples of Indic dandas)

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 04:52:04 CST

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    NG>> Mr. Omi Azad sent from Bangladesh the Bengali Danda signs.
    >> Please note that Bengali Danda and Double Danda are
    >> vastly different from what we see in Devanagari texts.

    Richard W. wrote:
    >Not at the resolution of that sample. The dandas in the body of the text
    >look just like Devanagari dandas.

    Not really. In fact, Bengali danda signs are very important signs
    for disunifying the danda signs of South Asia. Kaithi dandas
    or Saurashtra dandas are lot more closer to Devanagari dandas
    (which are/will be disunified in Unicode), than compared
    with Bengali danda signs.

    Pl. look at high resolution pictures of current Bengali danda signs:
    (click download, save attachments to desktop to open).

    Bengali daNDa and Devanagari daNDa and Tamil
    daNDa are different symbols. Take
    a look at the pdf, samples of Bengali daNDas
    in pp. 11-12 of the 27-page document:
    danda with a left terminal at top and right terminal
    at bottom, especially interesting is the double danda
    the left one is much shorter - quite different from
    Devaagari ones.

    Different danda signs in 10 Indian scripts:
    seeking disunification of Indic dandas.

    In Marathi (Modi) script:

    Hope this helps,
    N. Ganesan

    > (Thais like loops in their characters - Thai 'c's look very like 'e's!)

    The loops come very much from South India., look at
    Malayalam, Telugu/Kannada scripts. Loops originate
    in Palllava Grantha script of 5th century onwards.
    Also, see Sinhala script which has origins in South Indian
    Pallava writings. ~NG

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