Re: [indic] Re: "markers" codepoints for some combining letter sets in Dravidian scripts

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 06:27:31 CST

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    On 4/12/06, Antoine Leca <> wrote:
    > > (3) Malayalam cillu marker
    > > -----------------------------------------
    > >
    > > The Indic list has gone through several inputs
    > > on this problem for implementation.
    > > did some reserach, and I do not recall a glyph for cillu m,
    > Is it a circle?

    No. Plain circle is anuswara. There is a Malayalam cillu_m
    glyph different from plain circle. Probably, not many
    in this list were given the evidence for cillu_m yet.

    The cillu_m is just like any other cillu in orthogrphy/glyph.

    > > that is in line with cillu n, cillu nn, etc.,
    > > Will give this shape from published evidence
    > > tomorrow. Does UTC have the cillu m glyph?
    > Unicode/UCS (stands for Universal _character_ set) do not have glyph; it has
    > codepoints, that is, characters. How they look like when drawn is not the
    > purpose of this standard.
    > </SIDEPOINT>

    Glyphs are shown Unicode codecharts, Unicode just changed
    the glyph for Malayalam digit Zero. (Ref.: my proposal
    to change glyph M. zero to 0). When will it show
    up in Unicode Malayalam codechart? Next update for 5.0?

    > From all I have read on this, cillu-m has always been identificated with
    > U+0D02.

    No, will give published glyoh for Cillu m,
    different from anusvara today.

    > > Cillus can come at the end of words
    > > and word-medially. ka, na, nna, la, lla, llla, r, t and m
    > I think there were mentions of cillu-y too.
    > Possibly (did not check, just taking from memory) there are gramarians who
    > identificated cillu-h with visarga.

    Does anyone have cillu_y glyph? I haven't seen it.
    Will appreciate cillu_ya glyph from the list.

    > On the other hand, I do not see clearly what do you mean by cillu-t (there
    > are two candidates, <0D31, 0D4D, 200D> and <0D24, 0D4D, 200D>).

    cillu_t and cillu_l are of the same glyphs,
    but in code-points, if some want to differentiate
    it's possible to differentiate between cillu_t and cillu_l.

    Gruenendahl, for example, shows a candrakkala on top of LLLA,
    as cillu_llla. But given other cillu glyphs (eg. cillu_m),
    it is highly likely a cillu_llla ligature just like the style
    cillu_n, cillu_nn, cna be found at least in manuscripts.
    The maunuscripts collection of Malayalam, like Tamil mss.,
    is vast indeed.

    > > (4) Malayalam short u marker
    > I read this has already been decided to be encoded as <U+0D41, U+0D4D>.

    Any ref.s? From Unicode?

    I tried sveral Malayalam fonts and TUS, Malayalam short U
    is not showing up. It will be good if a Malayalam short u
    marker is given in Unicode just as other examples
    for Draviidan script markers. Hope another exception
    for ZWJ, ZWNJ behavior is *not* done for Malayalam short u etc.,
    It will just confuse the user community.

    Typically, 0D40 does not combine with 04D1 in Unicode.
    This special Malayalam short u can be encoded
    as a "marker" code-point.

    Another example for a marker: perhaps, transliterated with a .

    Its name can be "Malayalam Geminatin marker",
    It has a ramp/saw_tooth shape which ligates at the
    bottom in conjuncts like cca and rvva, etc.,

    N. Ganesan

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