Re: "markers" codepoints for some combining letter sets in Dravidian scripts

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 13:52:04 CST

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    Antoine Leca wrote:

    >> cillu_t and cillu_l are of the same glyphs,
    >> but in code-points, if some want to differentiate
    >> it's possible to differentiate between cillu_t and cillu_l.
    > Sorry, you have to be a little more precise about the real use.
    > I too would be pleased sometimes to be able to differentiate between J in
    > Latin, English, Castilian Spanish, German, Sankrit, French, etc...
    > But I cannot. I have to use U+004A, everywhere.

    It's not without precedent. In the Khmer script, subscript DA and subscript
    TA have the same glyph. (It's quite reasonable given Khmer's
    morphophonemics and spelling conventions. It would be interesting to know
    how consistently Cambodians distinguish them when typing unaided!)


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