[indic] Re: Spelling, Encoding and Writing

From: N. Ganesan (naa.ganesan@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 19:13:43 CST

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    Dear Cibu,

    I am reading your writeup,

    [Begin Quote]
    Therefore, when we introduce Visible Virama into the
    codespace, Virama should be removed. Then it is
    essential to adopt the subjoined model with signs/combining
    forms of all consonants into the codespace. This is
    essentially rejecting virama model and going for
    subjoined model with Visible Virama.
    [End Quote]

    This looks like a pretty drastic recommendation
    for Malayalam Unicode compared to all other
    Indic Unicode design. And, is the visible chandra-kala (virama)
    so different compared to neighboring Tamil
    or even Hindi section on half-forms in TUS?

    How does one decide which meaning to assign
    for candrakkala from, and another meaning for
    conjunct form? Why not reverse the meanings
    for virama and conjunct forms - it works both
    ways for example in Tamil (k.ssa conjunct
    or non-conjunct)?

    A word like പന്ത്‌രണ്ട് 'pantraNT'
    in Tamil will be 'pantiraNTu'
    (if pattu '10' get modified for poetic
    purposes as pantu (in grammar
    it's called melittal vikaaram)
    then pantiraNTu could mean
    either as '12' or 'ball two'.

    Isn't same in Malayalam?
    will explain more soon.
    will like views from Mahesh Pai,
    linguist Chitrajakumar, and other
    Malayalam experts also.

    N. Ganesan

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