Re: Numerosity (was: Re: Planck's constant U+210E)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 23:21:29 CST

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    Kenneth Whistler <kenw at sybase dot com> wrote:

    > Currently the UTC and WG2, which are the *only* committees that can
    > add encoded characters to the Unicode Standard and to 10646, have been
    > adding characters at a rate of roughly 1500 characters per year. There
    > is no reason to believe that they will suddenly increase the rate at
    > which they add characters to the standard.

    But Ken, what if they suddenly decide to change the scope of Unicode and
    10646, forsaking everything they've said for the past 15 years, and turn
    it into an open-ended glyph encoding standard? Could happen... ;-)

    Actually, the "hyper surrogate" approach isn't even original:

    Not surprisingly, the underlying premise of this scheme was to allow
    expansion beyond Plane 17, so that "some research society" could use
    Unicode as... gee, a glyph encoding.

    Doug Ewell
    Fullerton, California, USA
    (finally got over my UTF-inventing phase)

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