Pan-Turkic Alphabet of 1926, Latin letter like U+042C/U+044C or U+0184/U+0185

From: Karl Pentzlin (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006 - 11:30:34 CST

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    According to the sources:
    there is a Latin letter after the "i" in the Pan-Turkic alphabet looking like Cyrillic U+042C/U+044C (soft sign) which has the function of the dotless i in modern Turkish, Azeri and Tatar.

    This letter is not encoded in Unicode as such.

    Michael Everson states in "Some Türkmen alphabets" :
    Latin ?? are not encoded in the UCS, complicating things like
    monolingual multiscript ordering since the current UCS expects Cyrillic ?? to do double duty. There are lots of Asian and Caucasian languages using this particular pair in multiple scripts.

    1. Is there a specific reason not to encode that letter, especially
       as its similarity to the Cyrillic soft sign is only superficial
       (it is no soft sign - the "functionally next similar" Cyrillic
       letter is U+0428 ? not U+042C ?)
       - as if not to encode Latin U+0058/U+0078 Xx as you can use
       Cyrillic U+0425/U+0445 ?? instead.
    2. The Latin letters U+0184/U+0185 LATIN capital/small LETTER TONE SIX
       look very similar (except that the reference glyphs have a little      left-pointing triangle at their top instead of a serif).
       Would it be a reasonable idea to unify the missing Latin letters ??
       with these?
    - Karl Pentzlin

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