'No Character' symbol

From: Christopher Key (cjk32@cam.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 13:56:43 CST

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    I've read the FAQ, and looked through the charts, but can't find what I'm
    looking for. What I'm trying to find is whether there is a Unicode
    character that should be displayed when the font doesn't contain a required
    character. In most applications, if a character is requested that isn't
    available in the current font, most applications will instead display an
    empty box. Essentially what I'm wondering is whether this box symbol is
    application specific, or font specific, and in the latter case, what the
    character symbol is. I'm aware of U+FFFD, but this is to cover the
    situation where the desired character isn't defined in Unicode, and hence is
    not what I'm looking for.
    Many thanks,
    Christopher Key

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